Prefectural Outline

Yamaguchi Prefecture

Yamaguchi Prefecture is located in the westernmost part of Honshu(Japan's main island), and is surrounded on three sides by the sea.
Yamaguchi Prefecture can be broadly divided up into three regions: the Seto Inland Sea area, the inland mountain area, and the Japan Sea coast area.
The population is approximately 1.37 million people (according to a census in the beginning of 2018), and the area is approximately 6,100 sq km.
Yamaguchi Prefecture boasts a mild climate and is largely spared from earthquake, flood and storm damage. It enjoys the reputation of being a very comfortable place to live. 

Ube City

Ube City is located in the southwestern part of Yamaguchi Prefucture and has approximately 0.17 million people.
The north side of Ube City is a mountain district with rich natural surroundings, and the south side fronts the sea of Seto.
Ube City is a sort of transportation hub as connecting with major cities by air, sea and land.
Ube has Yamaguchi-Ube Airport as a sky gateway, as an important port and harbor, and Sanyo Expressway interchange as land transportation.